Happy November!

Happy November everyone! Wow how did November appear so quickly?! Actually, is it just me or has 2015 flown by? Fall is my favourite season...it's so enchanting and pretty.

 The beauty of this amazing season Fall. 

The beauty of this amazing season Fall. 

I'm soooooo sorry...it's been waaaaay too long since I've blogged. I'm hoping you have at least been following me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. I have been consumed with my holistic nutrition courses, house planning and renovations, getting ready for baby #3 and lots of other craziness in between. Truthfully I think about blogging every day and have sooo many exciting things to share but my mind just hasn't been there. I'm probably at the height of business right now but I'm back. :)

I'm so happy, blessed, and excited for the remainder of this year...

I'm halfway through my Holistic Nutrition program and I'm absolutely, completely loving every single minute of it. I know in my heart that I'm walking down the right path and pursuing my passion. The love and support I have received from family and friends is just out of this world and words can't express how grateful I am to be surrounded by so many amazing people. There is nothing better than sharing what I'm learning and applying this to my family's lifestyle...our health, wellness and nutrition have truly changed and evolved in the past few years. And I'm excited to continue along this journey with my family. 

Sooo, we are in the process of renovating and moving into a new home. After months of delays, we finally got the keys last week and it's been GO TIME ever since. My husband Jas and I have been working on this project for over a year and it's absolutely amazing to see things finally coming together....the fruits of our labour. There is lots to do in a short time but we have everything planned out day-by-day and we are hoping to be living there by early December. Ahhhh I can't wait! 

 That beautiful day last week when we got the keys to our new home! Lily, Jas, Me and my baby bump, Olivia <3

That beautiful day last week when we got the keys to our new home! Lily, Jas, Me and my baby bump, Olivia <3

Our third baby (a BOY!) is due on December 18th and my heart is just bursting with love and we can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family. We are all so excited to meet this little man and be a family of 6 (don't forget our doggy Frankie). The lack of sleep with a newborn is kinda scaring me but as always, I'm sure I will figure it out. I have done it not once but twice so here's to hoping this baby sleeps as great as my girls. And of course my sweet little girls Lily and Olivia are always keeping me on my toes...school, extracurricular activities, social schedules (confession: I think they get invited to more birthday parties than Jas and I, lol). I'm loving every second of this crazy life I have with my amazing husband and kids. And I'm ready to embrace all of the changes coming our way. 

That's my update in a nutshell. I could probably continue on writing this post for hours but I will stop there haha. 


 Life is Beautiful. One of my favourite sayings.&nbsp;

Life is Beautiful. One of my favourite sayings.