Random Facts About Me

So here are some fun, silly and not-so-silly random facts about me...

1. Tomatoes...well to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. Since I was a kid, I could literally eat tomatoes every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner!     #lovetomatoes 

2. I'm a librarian. Yep that's right, I have my Masters Degree in Library & Information Science. No eyeglass jokes. ;)     #librarian

3. I love having little girls...you really have no idea. It's like dolls that came to life. And my girls don't leave the house without a bow or headband in their hair.     #girlygirls 

                                                                            Oh yes that's them as sweet babies...my heart could melt right now!

                                                                           Oh yes that's them as sweet babies...my heart could melt right now!

4. My phone is literally glued to me...I would be lost without it.      #iphone

5. I have a deep obsession with reality TV...especially the real housewives.     #realitytvjunkie

6. I honestly don't have any interest whatsoever in sports on TV or in real life...you name it and I don't like it. I can tolerate basketball but that's about it.     #boosports

7. I'm incredibly shy at times...some people may interpret this as me being rude but it's just my ridiculous shyness coming out.     #shygirl 

8. I'm a sucker for celebrity gossip and I look forward to receiving my weekly PEOPLE magazine in the mail.     #celebgossip

9. Speaking of mail...I love sending snail mail. Who doesn't like getting a good 'old-fashioned' card in the mail?!     #snailmail

10. I love going to the beach and by beach I mean the ocean. I would love to live by the ocean one day. Grace Bay in Turks & Caicos is my home away from home.     #beachlife 

                                                Grace Bay, Providenciales, TCI

                                               Grace Bay, Providenciales, TCI