A littLe about me

I'm Shelli…yes you read that correctly, it's Shelli with an "i".

Welcome to my beautiful, crazy, amazing world. I am incredibly passionate about building and living a beautiful and inspirational life with my family. Everything from holistic health & wellness to eating healthy, wholesome foods to essential oils to fitness to incorporating different holistic health approaches into our lifestyle…I’m constantly striving towards optimal health and wellness. It’s a great passion for me and from the bottom of my heart, I really want to share it with others. :) A fulfilled life full of an abundance of health, fitness and wellness...what more does a girl want? 

I'm a Holistic Nutrition Coach and I have an incredible love and passion for nutrition and holistic health. I want to help others reach their healthiest potential from the inside out. I'm also a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, a company focused on sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. 

I'm a wife to the man of my dreams, Jas and a mommy to 2 beautiful little girls and a handsome little boy. My sweet little Lily was born in August 2011, my darling little Olivia was born in November 2013 and my sweet Armin was born in December 2015. Yep I have 3 kiddies and as crazy and wild as my life is...I absolutely LOVE every second of it. And of course I can't forget my very special furry little baby Frankie, my Maltese dog. Needless to say I'm busy. Over the past six years, I have really educated myself and become more aware and interested in what goes into and onto my body and focusing on the importance of health, fitness, wellness and everything in between.

You're probably wondering why zen, why health and why love? I think these 3 words are so important to a fulfilled life and I want to share that with you. I have adopted a 'zen' and calm approach to life and a healthy holistic lifestyle is a way of life for my family. And love...well it's one of those amazing, fabulous emotions that I feel deep in my heart numerous times a day. 

So that's me in a nutshell. I'm sooo looking forward to you joining me on this journey and I can't way to connect.

Lots of love, peace, health, oils & happiness...